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Virtual Counseling Sessions for Individuals and Couples 

Individual Counseling 

In individual counseling, we sit together in reflection as you narrate your story and I try my best to see your world as you see it. One-on-one sessions bring you an opportunity to dive deeper into your life experiences and become more aware of yourself. We extensively explore your past, present and future to develop a holistic understanding. The process continues to grow and so does the therapeutic relationship, helping you move forward towards positive change and growth. The therapeutic space allows you to gather the strength required to deal with the challenges in your life and to develop healthier ways of believing, behaving, perceiving and being. 

Couples Counseling 

Relationships are difficult and we didn't learn what healthy relationships are in school unfortunately. Couples therapy can help you with that and to become more informed about yourself in relationships. It aims to maintain a facilitative space for partners to know each other and understand each other deeper. Partners in the presence of a therapist can learn to adopt and practice healthy communication skills and conflict resolution strategies. Partners who intend to gain more clarity about their relationship dynamics can also join along with the therapist who acts as a guide, helping the couple navigate through differences and challenges. Partners get an opportunity to learn everything about each other which impacts their life and the relationship such as intergenerational conditioning, relational patterns, style of conflict, attachment style, needs, insecurities, long-term goals, and expectations. Partners also get a chance to understand how their past, their conditioning, or trauma impact their present relationship and learn to explore healthier alternatives of being and relating with another. 

What clients say

"This was probably one of the best
experience I have had in a while. 12
hours with kajal helped me learn
more about myself and my
relationship with the world around
me. I was pushed into therapy by
my fiancé and had a dogma talking
to someone wouldn't fix anything
about my life, but this time with her
changed my perception towards it
and now I'm an advocate of therapy,
for everyone. I'm a changed

A, 28

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