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“Buddha's first noble truth was that suffering is a part of human condition.

The second states that we must discover why we are suffering. We must cultivate the courage to look deeply, with clarity and courage, into our own suffering. We often hold the tacit assumption that all of our suffering stems from events in the past. But, whatever the initial seed of trauma, the deeper truth is that our suffering is more closely a result of how we deal with the effect these past events have on us in the present.” 

-Peter A. Levine

Let me help you unwind

Kajal Tyagi - Best Online Therapist

Hello, I am Kajal Tyagi. I am a trauma-informed counseling psychologist. I work with adults both individually and in a couple. I specialize in attachment issues, interpersonal stress, romantic relationships, loneliness, meaninglessness, trauma, anxiety, depression and self worth. 

I am pleased to see you reaching out for support. It shows great strength and courage. I would love to help you inquire about yourself, and move forward towards healing, wholeness and authenticity by being your compassionate companion. 

Virtual Counseling Sessions for adults 

Begin your growth and healing journey at your comfort from anywhere in the world. 

Services :
Individual Counseling
For you to address your issues or stuck point in your current life, to process and heal your past wounds, and/or to share your views, gain deeper understanding and new perspectives on your situation and experiences.
Couples Counseling
For you and your partner to resolve conflict, to understand each other, and the relational dynamics better, come to a place of mutual understanding, reconnect and improve the health and happiness of your relationship.
"I came to Kajal when I was at the most rock bottom of my life, recovering from cancer treatment and a relationship loss. Kajal helped me rebuild my self-confidence and overall outlook towards life. The questions that she gives me at every session has enabled me to reflect and understand my critical voice. She has also taught me techniques on how to keep the trauma past behind and to focus on the current situation in hand. Of all the therapists I have worked with in the past, I could say that she understood me the most in very short time. She is an active listener and is aware of specific techniques that works for an individual. I have always found talking to her makes me feel better after a bad day. My overall experience of working with Kajal has been very comforting and I strongly recommend her as a therapist."

A, 31

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