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Powerful is our need to be known, really known by ourselves and others, even if only for a moment.

- Carl Rogers

Let me help you unwind

Kajal Tyagi - Best Online Therapist

Hello, I am Kajal Tyagi. I am a trauma-informed counseling psychologist. I work with adults both individually and as couples. I specialize in attachment, interpersonal stress, romantic relationships, loneliness, meaninglessness, trauma, anxiety, depression and self worth. 

I am pleased to see you reaching out for support. I would love to help you inquire about yourself, and move forward towards healing, wholeness and authenticity by being your compassionate companion. 

Virtual Counseling Sessions for adults 
Begin your growth and healing journey at your comfort from anywhere in the world. 

Services :
Individual Counseling
For you to address your issues or stuck point in your current life, to process and heal your past wounds, and/or to share your views, gain deeper understanding and new perspectives on your situation and experiences.
Couples Counseling
For you and your partner to resolve conflict, to understand each other, and the relational dynamics better, come to a place of mutual understanding, reconnect and improve the health and happiness of your relationship.

What clients say

"This was probably one of the best
experience I have had in a while. 12
hours with kajal helped me learn
more about myself and my
relationship with the world around
me. I was pushed into therapy by
my fiancé and had a dogma talking
to someone wouldn't fix anything
about my life, but this time with her
changed my perception towards it
and now I'm an advocate of therapy,
for everyone. I'm a change

A, 28

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