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About me:

I am a trauma-informed psychotherapist, an applied behavior therapist, a mental health speaker, and a writer. 

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I have been studying psychology, and psychotherapy for more than 9 years now. It started with an interest to know human behaviour more deeply, which later transformed into passion for learning what helps us thrive and helping individuals on their healing journeys. Growing up as a highly sensitive person, I remember being receptive to others' emotions around me since I was a kid. I have come to realize how complex human life is, how all of us get wound up in our own distinct ways, and how that winding up suppresses our potential, keeping us from living freely. As I continue to do that work for myself, I  find it very empowering and exciting to support others to do the same. I have been able to experience and realise the importance of being understood, and the significance of a safe, emotional space in order to develop as a healthy, authentic adult. This has been a major factor influencing my choice to study and train to be a therapist.

Furthermore, my interest in psychology and psychotherapy also stems from my curiosity about the human experience, my thirst for meaning, and an inherent drive to have a deeper purpose in life. In my eyes, facilitating a healing space for others is sacred and I absolutely love being a witness to change and growth. I love learning and I am fascinated by this field for its ever-increasing scope for learning and growing both as a therapist, and a human. This, in a nutshell, is how being a psychotherapist allows me to fulfill many of my personal and existential needs. 

I am an advocate for psycho-spiritual tools such as mindfulness and practicing gratitude for living a healthy, content life. Meditation and therapy has played a major role in my journey of healing and finding balance. In my downtime, I like watching feel-good tv shows and movies, indulging in expressive writing, and spending time with my loved ones. I also like reading, specifically, spirituality and philosophy. Eckhart Tolle and Dr. David R Hawkins are two of my favorite authors. I have always been very introverted and  tend to go inward to re-energize myself. Indie music, spending time in nature, meditating, and being around my loved ones are my anchors. 

I have immense love for words and quotes, and this is one of my favourite's:


"Let me fall if I must, the one I will become will catch me.'

- Bal Shem Tov

My Approach 

I find myself aligned with the biopsychosocial-spiritual model which encourages a holistic approach to healing which goes beyond just treating symptoms and focusing on an individual as a whole. I have a trauma-informed integrative approach which predominantly blends trauma- informed approaches, humanistic, existential and spiritual psychology. I intend to explore all dimensions for a deeper understanding of both distress and healing. My aim is to help foster self-compassion, self-awareness, growth, creativity and free will to help clients develop a stronger sense of self, safety to live their life freely and purposefully. 

Some other approaches which I draw from are internal family systems, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, positive psychology, energy psychology, body work, attachment and relational psychology. I practice feedback-informed therapy which involves consistent client feedback to enhance the effectiveness of the therapeutic process. My therapeutic style is active and collaborative. I aim to hold a relationally rich space for growth to unfold whilst also providing supportive tools for reparative healing.

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Education and Professional Experience:

I have received an M.Sc. in Counseling Psychology from Christ University, India, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Behavior Science from George Brown College, Toronto. I completed my Bachelors in Applied Psychology Hons. from Amity University, India. I am also a PESI certified Clinical Trauma Professional.

I have worked as a mental health professional both in India and Canada. I have worked with individuals from diverse backgrounds and varied needs in NGOs, mental health organizations, rehabilitation centers, and schools. I am a published author of various articles on mental health and well-being online, and a published researcher in one of the Scopus indexed journals. 


In my private practice, I work with adults from multiple nationalities, providing them a safe, relational space, necessary skills and tools to support their healing process, helping them become their most authentic selves, and improve their quality of life.

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