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A human, a therapist, a sufferer, a healer, a healed one, a fragile one, a scared one, an empowered one, an empowering one, a vulnerable one, a courageous one. I am all these things and more. Each one of us wears different costumes at different points in time. It’s absolutely beautiful how humans can be so many things, and yet strange how we still consider ourselves so ordinary. We are so used to us breaking and healing, that we don’t realize how graceful the entire process is. Kintsugi, the Japanese art of fixing broken crockery with gold is often seen as beautiful. And yet we fail to see how we do it for ourselves and others constantly. How we pick ourselves up and carry on, how we put wisdom and growth amidst our broken pieces and continue to live a little differently with the memories of yesteryears peaking from time to time from behind our eyes. Much of the living process is about falling and getting back up. Learning to move ahead without that which we lost, and with that which we gained from the fall. But life is also about all the roles we play, the ones we don’t even acknowledge. It's also about the love that we are often late to give ourselves. We can see our lives the same way we see broken Japanese art, like a beautiful masterpiece that somehow looks more beautiful after being broken, after being fixed.

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