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5 Powerful Interventions that aid in holistic well-being

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Here are some simple yet powerful interventions that can be practiced daily to improve the quality of our lives and relied upon to support ourselves while we struggle through tough/ burdensome times.

  1. Gratitude - Gratitude is one of the most simple, yet game-changing habits. Simply being grateful for big things in life has a very positive impact on our minds and our perspectives. Expressing gratitude for people can drastically improve the quality of our relationships.

  2. Taking a break- A lot of stress builds up when we are trying to push ourselves to do certain things (sometimes even work) while we are overwhelmed by a situation. We can have our personalized break, it could be filled with an activity we have been postponing, a soothing hobby, or just some silent rest. Taking a break usually doesn’t appear like an option, and it seems to be our final resort when we are close to a breakdown. It is sometimes also looked upon as an excuse or a privileged choice to take a break, however, just stepping back for a while (if we can) can help us reorient, revitalize, and re-examine what’s going on within and in our external environment.

  3. Mindfulness- This one is talked about quite extensively these days, and for all the right reasons. A few minutes of mindfulness a day can allow us an inner break from all the chatter and overwhelm. Focusing on our breath by counting or feeling how the breath feels going in and out of our body can be an easy way to begin. Mindfulness helps us ground ourselves to the present moment which we are unable to do as we continue to be bothered by our past or concerned about our future.

  4. Exercise- Moving our bodies in whatever form is doable, or feels good is one of the quickest ways to experience a sense of relaxation and positivity. It also helps us improve our self-esteem, and sense of achievement, in addition to that it can serve as a healthy outlet for all the stored negative feelings like anger.

  5. Journaling- Writing down our thoughts and feelings create an opportunity for reflection and introspection. It also serves as a good way of uninhibited expression. It helps us get in touch with the emotional world. Journaling helps us recognize our stuck points, help us feel lighter, and more aware of our inner selves, and enables us to sort our lives better. Journaling every day can help us become more authentic, more clear in our desires and goals, and more aware of our fears.

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